Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beat the Bizarro Movie Night Hiatus Blues with...Tuesday Trivia Night with Tony Kay!

Buenos Whatever, Fiends and Neighbors!

While we're still in Bizarro Hiatus, Ye Olde Schlockologist has been spending Tuesday nights regaling the throngs in Columbia City with Trivia Nights, Tuesdays at the Bourbon Bar in Columbia City!

If you've been hankering for those obscuro factoids and that witty banter you've grown to know and love from Bizarro Movie Night, head down to the Bourbon Bar at Columbia City Theater every Tuesday at 8pm for a hearty helping of both! We've done four of these already, to an enthusiastic audience. This ain't your mama's lame canned-from-the-web trivia monotony, Fiends and Neighbors: This is (mostly) yours truly pulling as much stuff from the dank recesses of his own trivia-saturated mind as possible, giving local crowds a chance to flex their smarts (or at least learn a little somethin' about darn near everythin'!).

So far we've covered Rock and Roll, Horror Movies (for Halloween), and two weeks of The Big 1980's. Next up, two weeks' worth of Movie Trivia!

Admission's free, and it's all-night Happy Hour with many tasty beverages, so get your tushes down to Columbia City next week, for Pete's Sake!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Details on the Epic Bizarro Garage Sale!

"Me find neat things at Garage Sale..."
OK, Fiends and Neighbors--More details on this Saturday's Bizarro Garage Sale! It's gonna be a doozy! Don't miss it.

Again, it's this Saturday, September 25, from 8am to 3pm! The location is 10835 Forest Ave S, Seattle WA 98178. Enclosed is a Mapquest map from Seattle proper to the Bizarro Garage Sale:

 I've also included written directions below. The written ones deviate from Mapquest, so take whichever route will work for you! There will be obnoxious neon green signs marking the way from Rainier Ave S. And spread the word if you know someone looking to purchase:

Vintage/Weird Vinyl!
Rare/Out-of-Print VHS!
Gently-Used Clothes!
Books Galore!
And More, More, MORE, for Cheap, Cheap, CHEAP!!!

We've got a lot of stuff that's ready to go!

How to get to the Garage Sale...

*From I-5 Northbound take exit 157, Martin Luther King Way. Take a right on Boeing Access Road.
*Boeing Access Road turns into S Ryan Way.
*Follow S. Ryan Way to 51st Ave S.
*Take a Left on 51st Ave S.
*Follow 51st to Rainier Ave S. Take a right on Rainier Ave S.
*Follow Rainier Ave S about 1.5 Miles to 75th Ave S.
*Take a Right on 75th Ave S; one block up, you'll hit S Taft Street.
*Take a Left on S Taft; follow Taft, and it'll curve around and turn into Crestwood Dr. S.
*Stay on Crestwood. You'll pass Laurel Street, then you'll come to a Y in the road to your left.
*Take the sharpest left of that Y: Forest Ave S
*Follow Forest Ave S about two blocks. Just past Rowan, you should hit 10835 Forest Ave S. It's on the right side of the road, white house at the top of a set of cement steps. The garage is past the long driveway, just below the patio.

*From I-5 Southbound, take exit 158, the Boeing Access Road. Take a left onto Boeing Access Road. Then, the rest is the same as above.

See you there!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The ULTIMATE BIZARRO GARAGE SALE!! Saturday September 25!!!

Yes, Fiends and Neighbors, you read right...Ye Olde Schlockologist will be hosting a yard sale on Saturday, September 25 from 8am to 3pm!! Rain or shine!! Prepare to have your minds blown with shock and awe!!

This printer works. And it's CHEAP, people.

Like any garage sale worth its salt, we'll be selling many nice, gently-used clothes for men and women; various electronic items (including an HP Photosmart 3210X1 printer/fax and a TEAC vinyl turntable); all sorts of bric-a-brac and knick-knacks (cups/mugs, stuffed animals, etc.).

But we'll also be busting out some amazing pop-culture memorabilia and ephemera--the results of three decades of pop-culture pack-ratting!!

Among the items on sale:

Mucho Out-of-Print VINYL LP's: Collect obscure disco records from the 1970's? Vintage Christian pop LP's (replete with crazy covers) from that same decade? Classic pop and rock? Kid's records? Yep, we'll be selling all of those, and more! A few are even autographed...And keep an eye out for some out-of-print audio cassettes for peanuts, too!

BOOKS! Hardcover and softcover; fiction and non-fiction. We'll have a little bit of everything: pulp, bestsellers, horror/sci-fi, history, film and TV reference, classic literature, and (yeah) more! Again, a few are autographed...

MONSTER MAGAZINES: Ever wonder how Ye Olde Schlockologist learned about his favorite varieties of schlock before the dawn of the ol' internets? Why, via magazines like FILMFAX, Video Watchdog, and Famous Monsters of Filmland, that's how! And he's selling some of these great magazines--packed with informative interviews, nifty photos, and delicious content--for dirt cheap!

Pick up the Hammer, whoa-OH!

TOYS: Vintage boardgames; a genuine Kenner Yoda hand-puppet; an American Godzilla that roars; action figures; Lindsay-Lohan-in-a-box; an MC Hammer doll; a New Kids on the Block stuffed toy; a lovely Walt Disney Christmas Ornament set; a really old Marx toy train set; and much, much more!

VHS AND DVD: We'll have a ton of out-of-print and obscure VHS stuff--horror and sci-fi, and all sorts of exploitation/Bizarro-worthy curios! And DVDs, to boot!

Buy me at garage sale, you will.

 VARIOUS BITS OF POP CULTURE WEIRDNESS/MEMORABILIA: How about some charming Nelson (that'd be the eighties' hair metal band, fiends and neighbors!) earrings? Or a Shaun Cassidy or Wayne Newton pendant? Or maybe some well-worn but real cool posters, lobby cards, or stills?

Nelson Jewelry? Hells, YEAH!
Feel free to email Ye Olde Schlockologist if you've got any questions. More details (address, directions, etc.) are forthcoming, so stay TUNED!!

Massage Chair--and it WORKS!

Monday, July 19, 2010

News Flash!! Doctor of Schlockology takes Summer Schlock Semester Off!!

Hello again, Fiends and Neighbors! A hearty thanks to the enthusiastic crowd that attended June's BMN! Inimitable schlockology disertations! Cleopatra Jones thwarting a homicidal lesbian drug czarina, kicking ass, and taking names to the delight of several regulars and a pack of newbies! If you missed it, there's no hope for you...and you won't get another chance to drink deep from the Well of Strange Cinema until the fall!

That's right, kids: Bizarro Movie Night's in the middle of a summer hiatus. Said respite's giving Yours Schlockily a chance to catch up on the many writing plates he's got spinning in the air at present. We'll still try to sprinkle this here Blog with Bizarro-worthy recommendations and news. But come fall, we're planning to really bust out future surprises that'll blow the tops of your crazed heads off!! That means:

More Movies!!

More Insanity!!

More Monsters!!

More Bikini Babes!!

 More Rock and Roll!!

More Bikers!!

Much more from Guest Co-Host, Lucha Legend El Serpiente de Oro!!





Seriously, folks, BMN is planning on some major shenanigans soon! You'll detest yerself if you miss it!

Stay Tuned...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Blaxploitation Cocktail to get you in the mood for tomorrow's BMN!

Tomorrow night, Ye Olde Schlockologist will celebrate the most bad-assed sub-genre in American Cinema with an educational discourse on Blaxploitation--and spiffy visual aids to boot! Enclosed please find a couple of things to get you into the mood:

The trailer for the Pam Grier vehicle, Foxy Brown:

...and the thoroughly awesome Blacula:

For follow-up study (and a couple of token plugs):

Two key figures in black cinema passed away in the last couple of years. They led interesting lives, and made invaluable contributions to Bizarro cinema. You can read about Tamara Dobson (Cleopatra Jones herself) with a click here; and Isaac Hayes (the God behind the Shaft soundtrack, and the title character in the film Truck Turner) by clicking here.

Last but not least, the man widely credited with starting the entire 'Blaxploitation' revolution in the 1970's was writer/director Melvin van Peebles. An interview--and detailed overview of van Peebles' life and career--can be accessed by clicking here.

Be at the Aster tomorrow, Fiends, Neighbors, and Suckas!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Next Bizarro Movie Night: Friday June 25

Hello, Fiends and Neighbors! The finest Cinema Appreciation Educational series in Ballard is returning this Friday!

Apologies for the lack of Bizarro-ness of late: Ye Olde Schlockologist has been up to his chin in SIFF film coverage, all of which can be seen at the (the most Bizarro-worthy bits would probably be--pimpery alert--the interview with giallo-horror-art film Amer's directors Bruno Forzani and Helene Cattet, and the soon-to-be-posted interview with the director and star of Ticked Off Trannies with Knives!)

But the big, immediate news is this Friday's Bizarro-palooza, an educational treatise on Urban Action Cinema of the 1970's (that'd be Blaxploitation, brothers and sisters). Ye Olde Schlockologist's lecture on this cinematic movement will be followed by an educational screening of one of the finest examples of the genre.

More on this most bad-assed of cinema muthas (shut your mouth) in the coming days. BE THERE!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ballard Goes Bizarro Once More! Sex, Sin, Vice, Drugs...and Snacks!!

Well, Fiends and Neighbors, are you ready for another round of Bizarro Good Times? You darn well better be!

Big news on the Aster Coffee Lounge front! Bizarro Movie Night's fab benefactor has added caramel walnut and peanut butter brownies to their snacking repertoire! AND you can still get a damn fine coffee or chai tea latte, AND tasty beers, wines, and other snacks. Speaking of which...

Not only will we be busting out some prime Dwain Esper dementia, Your Schlockologist Truly and the Bizarro Movie Night Promo Team will be busting out commemorative Bizarro Movie Night SNACKS as a special tie-in with tomorrow night's double-bill!

C'mon. You know you want a bag.

Be there, Fiends and Neighbors!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sin, Vice, Drugs, Skinnydipping, and Serpiente!! All at the next Bizarro Movie Night!!

You heard it right, Fiends and Neighbors! The next BMN is May 1, Saturday night! And it's gonna be a lulu...An Orgy of Decadence, Despair, Drugs, and SKINNYDIPPING, Roadshow Grindhouse-style.

We'll be paying tribute to con-man/warped auteur Dwain Esper, a man who inflicted some of the strangest and seediest films known to man on an unsuspecting and titillation-starved Depression-era public--all under the guise of cautionary tales to rescue the Youth of our Nation from the dangers of, well, damned near everything!!

Admission's still free, and it's official: El Serpiente de Oro will be guest-hosting! Buckle up your seatbelts for a wild and warped ride!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ready to Rock and Roll, Fiends and Neighbors??!

Hope so! That's what we wanna hear! In case you haven't gotten the word already, as a special tribute to Record Store Day, Bizarro Movie Night's going all Rock and Roll on Saturday!

Ye Olde Schlockologist has finally decided the programming for this Saturday's Bizarro-riffic presentation at the Aster Coffee Lounge, and you won't be disappointed, cats and kittens. We'll be throwing down the 1962 B-movie classic, WILD GUITAR!

The Beatles? Bah! Elvis? PfFFT! We've got Arch Hall Jr, the man with the sweetest blonde pompadour on the planet, busting out rockabilly jewels and clawing his way to the top of the Rock and Roll heap!! If you haven't seen the full-length version of this twist-fevered classic, you HAVEN'T LIVED, Fiends and Neighbors. Period.

Be there or be L7!

Friday, April 9, 2010

News Flash!! Next TWO Bizarro Movie Nights Scheduled!!

Hello again, Fiends and Neighbors! Facebook invites have gone out for it, but the next Bizarro Movie Night is officially scheduled for:

 Saturday April 17!!

Yes, the wonderful world of Weird Cinema will return to the Aster Coffee Lounge a week from Saturday!!

In the interest of presenting an all-encompassing Whitman's Sampler of Strange, we're going to set next week's Bizarro Movie Night to a rock and roll backbeat! Yes, the next BMN will cater to that primal beat that'll yank you out of your seat! Exact details are still being plotted out, but a couple of things are for certain, Daddy-O:

1) There will be Rock and Roll!

2) There will be FABULOUS DOOR PRIZES!!

3) There will be patter so snappy that Chuck Berry could duckwalk to it!!

Just to get your juices flowing, Fiends and Neighbors, here's a little snifter of random rockin' to set the mood...

Oh, and then April showers will bring May flowers--AND yet another Bizarro Movie Night at the Aster on Saturday May 1!! Mark yer calendars!

Ye Olde Schlockologist is planning on a spectacular spring and summer, so stick around, Daddy-O!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

HIghlights from the March 20 Bizarro Movie Night!

Hello again, Fiends and Neighbors--

Thanks to all of you who made the last BMN the fun time it was! Those of you poor pathetic souls who, through some hideous miscarriage of God and nature, did not make it to witness the mayhem missed out on:

A super-special big-screen exhibition of El Serpiente de Oro and the Temple of Geek, with a customarily robust introduction from the film's star, legendary luchador El Serpiente de Oro!

All of the gory details on El Serpiente's encounter with the evil villano, Baron Birkenstock!

...And of course, the movie. Not just any movie, either, Fiends and Neighbors! We screened Attack of the Monsters, in which two little boys get abducted by a remote-control spaceship, flown to a far-off planet, and terrorized by a knife-blade-headed lizard and the two brain-eating Japanese space babes in tights who keep him on a leash. And it's a kid's film...

I'm feeling a little rock-and-roll coming on for the next one, folks. Stay tuned for more, more, more details in the days and weeks ahead! And thanks for continuing to support Bizarro Movie Night!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hey, Kids! Tonight's Bizarro Movie Night! And We've Got a Big-Screen Premiere!

Welcome back, Fiends and Neighbors! Updates, updates galore in Bizarro-Land...

Ye Olde Schlockologist recently interviewed film director/Seattle International Film Festival co-founder Dan Ireland for the (check out part 1 here). Ireland's first feature, the wonderful The Whole Wide World, is only Bizarro in the most tangential of fashions (it's a subtle drama detailing the romance between Bizarro-worthy pulp author Robert E. Howard and schoolteacher Novalyne Price), but the director had a lot of interesting insights about the making of the film, and he did cover his years as a producer of films for Vestron Pictures. The latter gig included, ahem, some seriously Bizarro-Worthy movies...So don't be surprised if some of his choice stories about movies like Gothic and Lair of the White Worm make their way into this here Bizarro epicenter!

But the most pressing bit of news, natch, is the impending arrival of another Bizarro Movie Night! Tonight at 8pm, the Aster will be hosting yet another leap straight down the rabbit hole of strange cinema, and your host will once again be El Serpiente de Oro, 42nd Greatest Luchador of All Time! Tonight's movie will feature:

Remote-control spaceships!

Fire-breathing giant turtles!

Brain-eating Japanese space babes in tights!

And it's a kid's film!

But wait! There's MORE! Tonight's Bizarro Movie Night will feature a special Big-Screen Screening of El Serpiente and the Temple of Geek, the inspiring documentary on El Serpiente's visit to last week's Emerald City ComiCon! Brilliantly directed and edited by Serpiente's former tag-team amigo Ninja Pantera (Bob Suh),  Temple of Geek marks the veteran grappler's first onscreen appearance since 1985's El Serpiente de Oro Against the Soccer Vampires! Sure, you can watch Temple of Geek on your computer, but why just do that??! It'd be like just watching Avatar on YouTube (though admittedly less butt-numbingly cliched) and never seeing it on a big-ass screen!

As a special treat to all you loyal fiends and neighbors, here's a glimpse at a deleted scene from Temple of Geek, in which El Serpiente encounters a Magnificent Moustache and preaches the BMN Gospel!!

See you tonight, kids!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Bizarro Movie Night TOMORROW NIGHT!!

Hello again, Fiends and Neighbors!

Tomorrow night, Bizarro Movie Night is unleashed once more on an unsuspecting public. And once again, said slab of cinematic dementia will be presented by guest host El Serpiente de Oro, 42nd greatest Luchador in Mexican history!

Serpiente did his part to spread the BMN gospel by vigorously flyer-ing the Emerald City ComiCon last week, and interviewing numerous luminaries at the Con. We're prepping a lengthier video of the mayhem, but for now, enjoy this YouTube interview with the Woman of Steel--Supergirl.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

El Serpiente de Oro Takes Emerald City ComiCon in a Cage Match!

Fiends y neighbors, I painted the Emerald City Comic Con a bright shade of rojo last Saturday, visiting many celebrities, heroes, heroines, and monsters as Ambassador of Schlockology to Bizarro Movie Night.

My close amigo Ninja Pantera captured many memorable convention moments on film. Until those clips are thrown into the ring and beaten into edited submission, I present this exclusive interview with Supergirl to whet the appetite for Bizarro Movie Night!

Monday, March 8, 2010

My Observations on the Academy Awards

Amigos y Amigas--

In between subduing bulbous-headed Martians and diffusing a thermonuclear device hidden in the Tupperware Cupcake Storage Container of an old woman a few blocks away, I witnessed the cavalcade of horror and adventure that was the 82nd annual Academy Awards. The ruggedly-handsome Schlockologist who curates this area encouraged me to freely express myself in this forum. I was all over this assignment like white on nuclear-orange Cheetos dust on Britney Spears' back hair on Alec Baldwin.

Please find my thoughts on this strange ritual known as Oscar, below...

Next Bizarro Movie Night! March 20!! Be There!

Hello, Fiends and Neighbors!

News Flash! The next Bizarro Movie Night will be on Saturday March 20, at the usual hideout--The Aster Coffee Lounge in Ballard, land of mystery and danger! What will Ye Olde Schlockologist bust out for the next screening?

You'll just have to be there!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Ye Olde Schlockologist Meets the Czar of Noir, Talks Grindhouse Sleaze!

Hello again, Fiends and Neighbors! It's been a whirlwind couple a weeks for Ye Olde Schlockologist in general and Bizarro Movie Night in particular. Thank God for the dauntless Serpiente de Oro, who capably MC'ed the most recent BMN at Aster Coffee Lounge on February 20.

So what was yours truly doing on that tumultuous Saturday while the 42nd Greatest Luchador in Mexican History brought down the (Aster Coffee) House? Why, chatting up the preeminent authority on/champion of Film Noir himself, Eddie Muller, that's what.

The Magnificent Mr. M is the engine behind the locomotive that is the Noir City Festival, which came through Seattle less than two weeks ago (feel free to read the bulk of my interview for the SunBreak here and here, if'n you're so inclined).

But in addition to his tireless efforts on behalf of all things Noir, Eddie Muller's also accumulated some seriously Bizarro-worthy street cred chronicling the exploitation and sexploitation film genres. His 1996 book Grindhouse: The Forbidden Story of "Adults Only" Cinema helped pave the way to serious academic appraisal of the exploitation genre, and he co-wrote and co-produced Mau Mau Sex Sex, a documentary on exploitation kings David Friedman and Dave Sonney.

My chat with Eddie spanned two solidly-entertaining hours, and there was no way I could include every bon mot and anecdote he tossed my way in the SunBreak interview. In addition to thoroughly covering Film Noir's many faces that afternoon, he also explained the breach-birth of his Grindhouse book in vivid and amusing detail, offered some insights on the genre, and even played six degrees of separation between an Oscar nominee and a former Teen-Idol turned cinematic psycho-killer. And all of those choice tidbits surely merit electronic preservation. Consider this the Deleted/Extended Scenes portion of the SunBreak Eddie Muller interview.


I'm a big fan of vintage Grindhouse Cinema, so I wanted to cover your Grindhouse book. Could you describe the genesis of that project? It's full of so many great posters and stills and promo stuff from another halcyon era of moviemaking that's very interesting...

Well, you hit on the genesis of the book right there...It was the posters and the stills and the lobby cards and all that. I found a treasure trove of stuff in an old porno theater in San Francisco on Market Street--the Center Theater. And I had a friend who was in the Projectionists' Union, back when that meant something. He said, "You oughta come down here. And bring your mother's car [laughs]. This was a long time ago. I asked why, and he says, "The one with the big trunk."

Sure enough, this was a four-story building in San Francisco; the ground floor was the Center Theater. And what I learned was that this building was Sleaze Central for the sexploitation film business on the west coast in the thirties and forties. The offices were above the theater, and then there was a big party room--what we'd call a Rumpus Room--above that, and then storage stuff. It was amazing. And downstairs was like something out of a David Lynch film. And you [took this] rickety old elevator down there. The floors were all soaking-wet, and one room was filled with chairs, floor to ceiling. You couldn't move in that room because the chairs had been put in, in such a way that it was impossible to get in. But there were all these posters and lobby cards and everything. That was when I first practiced urban archaeology, i.e., theft [laughs]! And we just stole all this stuff out of the basement.

Lo and behold later on, I start researching this, and I meet these guys [who made these movies], and they talk about having these offices in San Francisco...And I'm thinking, this is amazing! These guys were actually in the building that I stole all of this stuff from! I tell them that I have a lot of the material, and they're like, "Wow, I wondered what happened to all of that stuff!" So that was the genesis of the Grindhouse book--what is all this stuff? What does it all mean? And now there's a lot more scholarship in that area than there used to be. Eric Schaefer wrote a whole PhD paper on that, called Daring! Bold! Shocking! The History of Exploitation Films, or something like that. Eric did it from a much more academic perspective than I chose to do it in Grindhouse. I think mine sold a few more copies than his, though [laughs]...Show the dirty pictures: Make sure you show the dirty pictures!

I found it interesting when you said in an interview that you got into the Film Noir projects because they showcased movies that you didn't have to fast-forward through...

Oh, yes [laughs]! Man, a lot of those [Grindhouse] movies were just dreadful!

Do any of those Grindhouse features stick out to you as particularly memorable?

There's one called The Agony of Love, with Pat Barrington, that's actually really pretty good. It's a sexploitation version of Belle de Jour. And it's about a housewife who becomes a prostitute. And the movie is actually really good.

Didn't William Rotsler direct that?

Yeah, I think so. You know your stuff. But that film, I really like. I do also like all of those Dave Friedman films, as cheesy as they are. With the older stuff, it's just how goofy they are, like Maniac! and Child Bride. Have you seen Child Bride? It's unBELIEVable. It was a film made in the 1930's about these Appalacians; where these thirteen-year-old girls are sold to these hillbillies: "Why, yer gonna be mah wife!" It's like, oh, my God [laughs]! And there was a nude swimming scene in the movie; of this thirteen-year-old girl swimming in the nude. And I'm thinking, "I am NOT believing what I'm seeing."

On the Exploitation Roots of Oscar-nominated director Curtis Hanson [excerpts of this passage appeared in the SunBreak Interview]:

It's amazing how many bad movies get made from [James] Ellroy's books. L.A. Confidential is the exception. It's really, really good. Curtis Hanson's a really good filmmaker. And he did--what's the Curtis Hanson feature he did early on that's really Film Noir--oh, Bad Influence, with Rob Lowe and James Spader. That's a total Noir.

If you want to know one weird confluence here: You know that I wrote the Tab Hunter autobiography...


Did you know that Tab Hunter was the star of Curtis Hanson's first movie?


It was originally called...

No, wait! I remember--Sweet Kill!

Yes! It was originally called A Kiss from Eddie. Then it was called The Sweet Kill. Then Roger Corman said, "We're reissuing this as The Arousers!" It's a psycho movie about a guy who's a sex killer. And the idea that Tab...Understand the brilliance of this, casting a famous Hollywood beefcake icon who is gay, as a man who kills women as soon as they try to be intimate with him. How bizarre is that when you actually know Tab's story?

And that was years before John Waters tweaked Tab's image with Polyester...

Yeah. And Tab doesn't look like Tab at all [in Sweet Kill]--he's got long hair...And it's not a bad film. The last time I saw Curtis Hanson I said, "You know, I wrote all about one of your films," He was like, "Yeah, I read that you wrote all about L.A. Confidential." No, this was The Arousers. He was like, "Oh, my God! You've SEEN that [laughs]??"


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Mi Noche de Cine Bizarro Experiencia

Amigos y Amigas--

My sincerest gratitude to you who attended my debut as guest co-host of Bizarro Movie Night. Ballard is indeed a land of adventure, danger, and excitement...But it is also a land of untold hospitality, as I learned on February 20, 2010.

As Mexico's 42nd Greatest Luchador, my body has seen more abuse than Lindsay Lohan's liver. But my heart has stayed strong, and it was warmed to caliente degrees by your enthusiastic reception, Amigos y Amigas.

El Serpiente de Oro shall return soon!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Guest Co-Host for Bizarro Movie Night??

You read right, Fiends and Neighbors. Ye Olde Schlockologist will be sharing the reins of the next BMN on Saturday February 20, with a guest co-host! And not just any guest co-host...

We're talking an expert in a highly-revered strata of human experience. That's all I'm gonna say.

Oh, that, and--if there was EVER an unmissable Bizarro Movie Night, it'd be the one coming this Saturday!!

Spread the word! Tell the world to be there, already!

You'll HATE yerself if you ain't amongst the sea of awestruck faces at the Aster!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bizarro News--Next Movie Night, and our first Celeb Plug!!

Mark your calendars, Fiends and Neighbors--The next Bizarro Movie Night will be Saturday, February 20 at the ever-dauntless Aster Coffee Lounge! And if you've been enjoying these little schlock-fests as much as I have, get ready for one that'll blow your mind! Wanna be a Bizarro Facebook Page fan? Hells, YES, you do! Get on ye olde FB and we'll sign you up for the crucials.

And guess what else? Bizarro Movie Night has acquired its FIRST OFFICIAL CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT!! And it's not from just any mook: It's from exploitation guru and cult director-god Frank Henenlotter! Yes, Fiends and Neighbors, a thumbs-up from the director of Basket Case and the excellent new mind-blower Bad Biology! Looky here...

We're hoping to build up a stockpile of Bizarro Goodness in the days and weeks ahead, so stay tuned to the Facebook page! AND check out our newly-minted Bizarro Movie Night YouTube Channel!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bizarro-Worthy Reading: The Films of Larry Buchanan by Rob Craig

Texan Larry Buchanan was a true original: a director whose box-lunch budgets, oddball subject matter, exaltation of female archetypes, and obsession with conspiracy theories of all stripes made him as perfect a textbook demonstration of the auteur theory as Orson Welles or David Lean, for God's sake. Author Rob Craig puts forth these arguments with eloquence and academic sharpness to spare in The Films of Larry Buchanan, his exhaustive critical examination of Buchanan's oeuvre.

Buchanan dabbled in several genres throughout his career, but part of his fame came from his revisions of others' work. In the late 1960's American International Pictures commisioned the director to helm made-for-TV remakes of some of their most successful fifties sci-fi thrillers: The Day the World Ended became The Year 2889; The She Creature spawned Creature of Destruction; and Invasion of the Saucer Men begat The Eye Creatures, among others. These movies featured B-movie actors like John Agar, John Ashley, and Francine York, and served as Bizarro comfort food for bored kids back in the day. Viewed with a jaundiced modern eye, the results prove almost minimalist in their sparsity, frequently funny as hell, and strangely fascinating.

The director also expressed a distrust of political and social authority to rival Costa-Gavras, and many of Buchanan's original features explore some truly wild conspiracy theories. He filmed The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald, a speculative docu-drama in which President John F. Kennedy's alleged assassin survives to face a courtroom, in 1964--decades before Oliver Stone turned his fixated gaze on the Kennedy assassination with JFK in 1991. In Beyond the Doors, the drug-and-alcohol-related deaths of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison are blamed on a government plot to subvert the youth movement of the 1960's. And Buchanan paints the life and controversial death of Marilyn Monroe with sordid brushstrokes in Goodbye, Norma Jean and its 1988 sequel, Goodnight, Sweet Marilyn.

The Films of Larry Buchanan covers every single nook and cranny of Larry Buchanan's career with the kind of magnifying-glass detail normally reserved for the Kurosawas and Fellinis of the world, and that exhaustive approach merits some major props from this corner. Craig (who also helms the throughly awesome Kiddie Matinee website) could occasionally be accused of over-interpreting the films discussed, but his arguments hold water admirably, and it's incredibly refreshing to hear Carl Jung and Ingmar Bergman seamlessly, elegantly cited in the context of movies like Mars Needs Women and Curse of the Swamp Creature. If that treatment of bizarro cinema doesn't make you mightily happy, you've stumbled onto the wrong blog (and the wrong schlockologist) by mistake, Bucky.

As you can likely surmise, Buchanan's body of work is eminently, wonderfully Bizarro-worthy, Fiends and Neighbors. Stay tuned...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It's Bizarro Movie Night--AGAIN!!

Hey, Fiends and Neighbors! Tonight's the next Bizarro Movie Night at the lovely Aster Coffee Lounge! Be there or be trapezoidal...

Ye Olde Schlockologist has decided on the feature for the evening...And hints are laid all over the latest Bizarro Promo poster...Not to mention the last Blog entry!

Once again, there will be popcorn. Once again, wine and beer will flow. And once again, there'll be...


SPIFFY ONES that any rational human would give an EYETOOTH for!!


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bizarro-Worthy Actor: Jason (Herb) Evers

Even in unmitigated (if entertaining) crap like the Grizzly ripoff Claws, Jason Evers gave solid, committed performances, usually as a handsome but slightly untrustworthy authority figure.

Evers--who died of a heart attack on March 13, 2005 at age 83--enjoyed a forty-some year career, with supporting roles in everything from the John Wayne Vietnam actioner The Green Berets to Escape from the Planet of the Apes to guest shots on dozens of TV series.

But my favorite Jason Evers role, one of his few leads, came in 1962 as Dr. Bill Cortner in The Brain that Wouldn't Die, one of the wildest and most entertaining B flicks of that decade. In it, Dr. Cortner rescues and resuscitates his fiancee's decapitated head after a catastrophic car crash, then searches the Red Light District of his town for a fresh body onto which he can graft his love's disembodied noggin.

The movie packs a potent good time, with everything from a stripper catfight to some shocking-for-the-time gore to a pinheaded giant in the closet (telepathically controlled by the Fiancee's Living Disembodied Head, no less!). It's all ridiculous as hell, but Evers (billed under his given name, Herb Evers) imbues his stock role with aristocratic good looks and a core of believability that subtly turns a lot of mad-scientist cliches on their respective ears. His inquisitive fervor, devotion to (what's left of) his would-be bride, and willingness to do harm to others in the name of science give the movie something really unbelievable; a corroded but definite soul.

Needless to say, The quintessential Evers performance is eminently, stoutly Bizarro Movie Night-worthy...

Monday, January 4, 2010

Next Bizarro Movie Night, Saturday, January 23!!

You heard it right, Fiends and Neighbors--The next Bizarro Movie Night will be on Saturday January 23, at the ever-dauntless Aster Coffee Lounge in beautiful Ballard!

As to the programming for the FIRST BIZARRO MOVIE NIGHT OF THE NEW DECADE, well, it's still a big fat hairy secret. Will it be:

1950's sci-fi??

1960's Juvenile Delinquency Opus??

A Wild and Woolly Kung-Fu Epic??

Some Super-Fly Blaxploitation Action??

Only one way to find out...Join Ye Olde Schlockologist for food, drink, and dementia at the Aster on Saturday the 23rd!!