Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ballard Goes Bizarro Once More! Sex, Sin, Vice, Drugs...and Snacks!!

Well, Fiends and Neighbors, are you ready for another round of Bizarro Good Times? You darn well better be!

Big news on the Aster Coffee Lounge front! Bizarro Movie Night's fab benefactor has added caramel walnut and peanut butter brownies to their snacking repertoire! AND you can still get a damn fine coffee or chai tea latte, AND tasty beers, wines, and other snacks. Speaking of which...

Not only will we be busting out some prime Dwain Esper dementia, Your Schlockologist Truly and the Bizarro Movie Night Promo Team will be busting out commemorative Bizarro Movie Night SNACKS as a special tie-in with tomorrow night's double-bill!

C'mon. You know you want a bag.

Be there, Fiends and Neighbors!