Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Details on the Epic Bizarro Garage Sale!

"Me find neat things at Garage Sale..."
OK, Fiends and Neighbors--More details on this Saturday's Bizarro Garage Sale! It's gonna be a doozy! Don't miss it.

Again, it's this Saturday, September 25, from 8am to 3pm! The location is 10835 Forest Ave S, Seattle WA 98178. Enclosed is a Mapquest map from Seattle proper to the Bizarro Garage Sale:

 I've also included written directions below. The written ones deviate from Mapquest, so take whichever route will work for you! There will be obnoxious neon green signs marking the way from Rainier Ave S. And spread the word if you know someone looking to purchase:

Vintage/Weird Vinyl!
Rare/Out-of-Print VHS!
Gently-Used Clothes!
Books Galore!
And More, More, MORE, for Cheap, Cheap, CHEAP!!!

We've got a lot of stuff that's ready to go!

How to get to the Garage Sale...

*From I-5 Northbound take exit 157, Martin Luther King Way. Take a right on Boeing Access Road.
*Boeing Access Road turns into S Ryan Way.
*Follow S. Ryan Way to 51st Ave S.
*Take a Left on 51st Ave S.
*Follow 51st to Rainier Ave S. Take a right on Rainier Ave S.
*Follow Rainier Ave S about 1.5 Miles to 75th Ave S.
*Take a Right on 75th Ave S; one block up, you'll hit S Taft Street.
*Take a Left on S Taft; follow Taft, and it'll curve around and turn into Crestwood Dr. S.
*Stay on Crestwood. You'll pass Laurel Street, then you'll come to a Y in the road to your left.
*Take the sharpest left of that Y: Forest Ave S
*Follow Forest Ave S about two blocks. Just past Rowan, you should hit 10835 Forest Ave S. It's on the right side of the road, white house at the top of a set of cement steps. The garage is past the long driveway, just below the patio.

*From I-5 Southbound, take exit 158, the Boeing Access Road. Take a left onto Boeing Access Road. Then, the rest is the same as above.

See you there!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The ULTIMATE BIZARRO GARAGE SALE!! Saturday September 25!!!

Yes, Fiends and Neighbors, you read right...Ye Olde Schlockologist will be hosting a yard sale on Saturday, September 25 from 8am to 3pm!! Rain or shine!! Prepare to have your minds blown with shock and awe!!

This printer works. And it's CHEAP, people.

Like any garage sale worth its salt, we'll be selling many nice, gently-used clothes for men and women; various electronic items (including an HP Photosmart 3210X1 printer/fax and a TEAC vinyl turntable); all sorts of bric-a-brac and knick-knacks (cups/mugs, stuffed animals, etc.).

But we'll also be busting out some amazing pop-culture memorabilia and ephemera--the results of three decades of pop-culture pack-ratting!!

Among the items on sale:

Mucho Out-of-Print VINYL LP's: Collect obscure disco records from the 1970's? Vintage Christian pop LP's (replete with crazy covers) from that same decade? Classic pop and rock? Kid's records? Yep, we'll be selling all of those, and more! A few are even autographed...And keep an eye out for some out-of-print audio cassettes for peanuts, too!

BOOKS! Hardcover and softcover; fiction and non-fiction. We'll have a little bit of everything: pulp, bestsellers, horror/sci-fi, history, film and TV reference, classic literature, and (yeah) more! Again, a few are autographed...

MONSTER MAGAZINES: Ever wonder how Ye Olde Schlockologist learned about his favorite varieties of schlock before the dawn of the ol' internets? Why, via magazines like FILMFAX, Video Watchdog, and Famous Monsters of Filmland, that's how! And he's selling some of these great magazines--packed with informative interviews, nifty photos, and delicious content--for dirt cheap!

Pick up the Hammer, whoa-OH!

TOYS: Vintage boardgames; a genuine Kenner Yoda hand-puppet; an American Godzilla that roars; action figures; Lindsay-Lohan-in-a-box; an MC Hammer doll; a New Kids on the Block stuffed toy; a lovely Walt Disney Christmas Ornament set; a really old Marx toy train set; and much, much more!

VHS AND DVD: We'll have a ton of out-of-print and obscure VHS stuff--horror and sci-fi, and all sorts of exploitation/Bizarro-worthy curios! And DVDs, to boot!

Buy me at garage sale, you will.

 VARIOUS BITS OF POP CULTURE WEIRDNESS/MEMORABILIA: How about some charming Nelson (that'd be the eighties' hair metal band, fiends and neighbors!) earrings? Or a Shaun Cassidy or Wayne Newton pendant? Or maybe some well-worn but real cool posters, lobby cards, or stills?

Nelson Jewelry? Hells, YEAH!
Feel free to email Ye Olde Schlockologist if you've got any questions. More details (address, directions, etc.) are forthcoming, so stay TUNED!!

Massage Chair--and it WORKS!