Wednesday, September 22, 2010

More Details on the Epic Bizarro Garage Sale!

"Me find neat things at Garage Sale..."
OK, Fiends and Neighbors--More details on this Saturday's Bizarro Garage Sale! It's gonna be a doozy! Don't miss it.

Again, it's this Saturday, September 25, from 8am to 3pm! The location is 10835 Forest Ave S, Seattle WA 98178. Enclosed is a Mapquest map from Seattle proper to the Bizarro Garage Sale:

 I've also included written directions below. The written ones deviate from Mapquest, so take whichever route will work for you! There will be obnoxious neon green signs marking the way from Rainier Ave S. And spread the word if you know someone looking to purchase:

Vintage/Weird Vinyl!
Rare/Out-of-Print VHS!
Gently-Used Clothes!
Books Galore!
And More, More, MORE, for Cheap, Cheap, CHEAP!!!

We've got a lot of stuff that's ready to go!

How to get to the Garage Sale...

*From I-5 Northbound take exit 157, Martin Luther King Way. Take a right on Boeing Access Road.
*Boeing Access Road turns into S Ryan Way.
*Follow S. Ryan Way to 51st Ave S.
*Take a Left on 51st Ave S.
*Follow 51st to Rainier Ave S. Take a right on Rainier Ave S.
*Follow Rainier Ave S about 1.5 Miles to 75th Ave S.
*Take a Right on 75th Ave S; one block up, you'll hit S Taft Street.
*Take a Left on S Taft; follow Taft, and it'll curve around and turn into Crestwood Dr. S.
*Stay on Crestwood. You'll pass Laurel Street, then you'll come to a Y in the road to your left.
*Take the sharpest left of that Y: Forest Ave S
*Follow Forest Ave S about two blocks. Just past Rowan, you should hit 10835 Forest Ave S. It's on the right side of the road, white house at the top of a set of cement steps. The garage is past the long driveway, just below the patio.

*From I-5 Southbound, take exit 158, the Boeing Access Road. Take a left onto Boeing Access Road. Then, the rest is the same as above.

See you there!

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