Saturday, November 13, 2010

Beat the Bizarro Movie Night Hiatus Blues with...Tuesday Trivia Night with Tony Kay!

Buenos Whatever, Fiends and Neighbors!

While we're still in Bizarro Hiatus, Ye Olde Schlockologist has been spending Tuesday nights regaling the throngs in Columbia City with Trivia Nights, Tuesdays at the Bourbon Bar in Columbia City!

If you've been hankering for those obscuro factoids and that witty banter you've grown to know and love from Bizarro Movie Night, head down to the Bourbon Bar at Columbia City Theater every Tuesday at 8pm for a hearty helping of both! We've done four of these already, to an enthusiastic audience. This ain't your mama's lame canned-from-the-web trivia monotony, Fiends and Neighbors: This is (mostly) yours truly pulling as much stuff from the dank recesses of his own trivia-saturated mind as possible, giving local crowds a chance to flex their smarts (or at least learn a little somethin' about darn near everythin'!).

So far we've covered Rock and Roll, Horror Movies (for Halloween), and two weeks of The Big 1980's. Next up, two weeks' worth of Movie Trivia!

Admission's free, and it's all-night Happy Hour with many tasty beverages, so get your tushes down to Columbia City next week, for Pete's Sake!

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