Monday, July 19, 2010

News Flash!! Doctor of Schlockology takes Summer Schlock Semester Off!!

Hello again, Fiends and Neighbors! A hearty thanks to the enthusiastic crowd that attended June's BMN! Inimitable schlockology disertations! Cleopatra Jones thwarting a homicidal lesbian drug czarina, kicking ass, and taking names to the delight of several regulars and a pack of newbies! If you missed it, there's no hope for you...and you won't get another chance to drink deep from the Well of Strange Cinema until the fall!

That's right, kids: Bizarro Movie Night's in the middle of a summer hiatus. Said respite's giving Yours Schlockily a chance to catch up on the many writing plates he's got spinning in the air at present. We'll still try to sprinkle this here Blog with Bizarro-worthy recommendations and news. But come fall, we're planning to really bust out future surprises that'll blow the tops of your crazed heads off!! That means:

More Movies!!

More Insanity!!

More Monsters!!

More Bikini Babes!!

 More Rock and Roll!!

More Bikers!!

Much more from Guest Co-Host, Lucha Legend El Serpiente de Oro!!





Seriously, folks, BMN is planning on some major shenanigans soon! You'll detest yerself if you miss it!

Stay Tuned...