Friday, April 9, 2010

News Flash!! Next TWO Bizarro Movie Nights Scheduled!!

Hello again, Fiends and Neighbors! Facebook invites have gone out for it, but the next Bizarro Movie Night is officially scheduled for:

 Saturday April 17!!

Yes, the wonderful world of Weird Cinema will return to the Aster Coffee Lounge a week from Saturday!!

In the interest of presenting an all-encompassing Whitman's Sampler of Strange, we're going to set next week's Bizarro Movie Night to a rock and roll backbeat! Yes, the next BMN will cater to that primal beat that'll yank you out of your seat! Exact details are still being plotted out, but a couple of things are for certain, Daddy-O:

1) There will be Rock and Roll!

2) There will be FABULOUS DOOR PRIZES!!

3) There will be patter so snappy that Chuck Berry could duckwalk to it!!

Just to get your juices flowing, Fiends and Neighbors, here's a little snifter of random rockin' to set the mood...

Oh, and then April showers will bring May flowers--AND yet another Bizarro Movie Night at the Aster on Saturday May 1!! Mark yer calendars!

Ye Olde Schlockologist is planning on a spectacular spring and summer, so stick around, Daddy-O!

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