Sunday, March 28, 2010

HIghlights from the March 20 Bizarro Movie Night!

Hello again, Fiends and Neighbors--

Thanks to all of you who made the last BMN the fun time it was! Those of you poor pathetic souls who, through some hideous miscarriage of God and nature, did not make it to witness the mayhem missed out on:

A super-special big-screen exhibition of El Serpiente de Oro and the Temple of Geek, with a customarily robust introduction from the film's star, legendary luchador El Serpiente de Oro!

All of the gory details on El Serpiente's encounter with the evil villano, Baron Birkenstock!

...And of course, the movie. Not just any movie, either, Fiends and Neighbors! We screened Attack of the Monsters, in which two little boys get abducted by a remote-control spaceship, flown to a far-off planet, and terrorized by a knife-blade-headed lizard and the two brain-eating Japanese space babes in tights who keep him on a leash. And it's a kid's film...

I'm feeling a little rock-and-roll coming on for the next one, folks. Stay tuned for more, more, more details in the days and weeks ahead! And thanks for continuing to support Bizarro Movie Night!!

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