Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bizarro News--Next Movie Night, and our first Celeb Plug!!

Mark your calendars, Fiends and Neighbors--The next Bizarro Movie Night will be Saturday, February 20 at the ever-dauntless Aster Coffee Lounge! And if you've been enjoying these little schlock-fests as much as I have, get ready for one that'll blow your mind! Wanna be a Bizarro Facebook Page fan? Hells, YES, you do! Get on ye olde FB and we'll sign you up for the crucials.

And guess what else? Bizarro Movie Night has acquired its FIRST OFFICIAL CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT!! And it's not from just any mook: It's from exploitation guru and cult director-god Frank Henenlotter! Yes, Fiends and Neighbors, a thumbs-up from the director of Basket Case and the excellent new mind-blower Bad Biology! Looky here...

We're hoping to build up a stockpile of Bizarro Goodness in the days and weeks ahead, so stay tuned to the Facebook page! AND check out our newly-minted Bizarro Movie Night YouTube Channel!

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